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25 Passover Recipes For Your Holiday Celebration

25 Passover Recipes For Your Holiday Celebration

Passover is a Jewish holiday which is celebrated around the world by Jewish people to remember the Exodus when the Israelites were liberated from slavery in Egypt. Passover is an occasion when Jewish people gather to retell the Exodus story, have festive meals and observe different customs and traditions. One of the key customs is abstaining from eating leavened foods, such as bread and other baked goods, to remember when the Israelites fled Egypt and didn’t have enough time to let their bread rise before they had to leave. They instead ate unleavened matzo bread.

Passover is an opportunity to reflect, share with loved ones and enjoy delicious meals. Whether you’re serving soul-warming matzo ball soup, a savory brisket, or sweet macaroons, these Passover recipes have been tried and tested and are special enough to become cherished family traditions. It’s important to note that many Jews avoid eating kitniyot — corn, rice, peas, lentils, beans, and legumes — on Passover, so depending on your customs, some of these recipes may not be considered kosher for Passover.

25 Passover Recipes For Your Seder And Beyond


Layers of crunchy and salty matzo with buttery sweet toffee and chocolate.

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