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A catalyst for change

A catalyst for change

Her name may sound familiar to you, especially if you have followed her family’s story. Shaohannah Hope Chapman, the first of Show Hope founders Mary Beth Chapman and Steven Curtis Chapman’s three daughters, is a familiar name to many. It was Shaoey’s adoption that served as a catalyst for the founding of Show Hope 20 years ago now. In fact, if you know our history well, you know Show Hope’s official name is Shaohannah’s Hope. Yet there’s so much more to tell.  

“Who Shaoey Chapman is is always changing and growing. My hopes for myself have never been. I want to be someone who makes a difference You can also find out more about the following: Change is the only constant in this world. A world. It can be anyone’s world … the kid I sit next to on the plane ride from London to Seattle, the parent of a patient in a hospital in Cape Town, or even the nanny of a child I fell in love with in China.”

For Shaoey, much of her story took shape at the age of 8 with the loss of her little sister Maria, yet in her honesty and vulnerability, it was in Changde, Hunan, China, where Shaoey’s story began. 

“That story of abandonment and adoption has become a part of my story that I can no longer brush aside as something I don’t remember,” Shaoey…

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