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A common humeral element for anatomic shoulder arthroplasty?


There’s a abruptly increasing selection of humeral parts being offered for anatomic arthroplasty. 

Let’s imagine the options of a legacy “common” anatomic humeral element device towards which those more moderen possible choices may also be when put next. 

The main rules are (1) bone preservation, (2) avoidance of rigidity shielding, and (3) availability of humeral head choices to regulate the diversities in arthritic pathoanatomy. 

Those targets may also be accomplished with a typical period clean stem with a low filling ratio mounted with impaction grafting coupled with a flexible number of heads, together with eccentric and cuff tear arthropathy choices. NB: the creator has no ties with any implant corporate, so this isn’t a gross sales pitch, however quite a viewpoint received from nearly 50 years of follow in shoulder arthroplasty.

Bone preservation: the pinnacle minimize is equal to for brief stemmed and stemless

Bone isn’t got rid of from the canal through reaming

as a substitute, a stem diameter is chosen this is smaller than the inner diameter of the diaphysis, yielding a small filling ratio with out violating the bone of the canal.

The abnormal interior anatomy of the humerus 

is have compatibility to the stem the usage of impaction grafting


The protection of this fixation obviates…

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