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A Voice and a choice


As the Cancun Strong Families moms entered Wal-Mart (some for the first-time), there was excitement. They began to plan their shopping trip after taking in the Christmas decorations and listening to the music through the loudspeaker.

Recently, Back2Back staff took the Strong Family moms shopping for their family’s Christmas gifts. Each woman had a budget and a plan to gift their family.

“They were nervous at first,” shared Amy Perez, Back2Back staff. “Some of them had never been in a store like this before, and they wanted to make sure they stretched their money as best they could and chose the right gifts.”

The women spread themselves out in the shop, carefully selecting gifts for their children. A few moms made it straight to Barbie and others could see their memories of childhood, including what toys they used, what they hoped for, and how they spent Christmases past.

“We are excited to do these outings, because it is an opportunity to remind them they know their children best, they have a voice and choice that is valuable and special,” explained Amy. 

Every moment with Strong Families has the goal to empower and assist them…

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