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A Young Man of Perseverance

A Young Man of Perseverance

Alan* smiles to himself as he sees the passing score on his admissions exam for university. Despite familial and personal challenges, he never questioned if he would pass, he knew his hard work would serve him well and lead him where he needed to go next. In the weeks prior to his admissions examination, he studied and prayed fervently.

“Alan is a young man of perseverance,” shared Back2Back staff. “He is self-assured and confident in his abilities, and we admire these qualities in him greatly.”

Alan’s qualities allowed him to perform and achieve his best. He is about to begin classes at the most prestigious university in the city. Every time he comes to visit staff, they remind him of how loved and known he is by God as well as the adults who are always there for him.

Please join Back2Back’s staff in praying for Alan, and other students who are preparing to make their next educational step. Pray they don’t lose sight of their goals and never forget how supported they are.

The first time I saw this post, it was on Back2Back Ministries.

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