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Beat to his Own Drum

Beat to his Own Drum

Earlier this year, Rohan* taught himself how to play guitar using YouTube videos. He expressed a passion for learning to play musical instruments and he set out to accomplish this goal. He quickly learned and began leading worship times for the staff and children on campus. They were so impressed by his talent that they encouraged him to continue practicing and improve. After learning to play the guitar, he wanted to learn to play the drums. The staff helped him to find a music school to help him reach his goal.

Together, they created a music camp that lasted a whole month in the middle of the city. The four-week intensive program included private drum lessons and practicing with other musicians. It also nurtured the talent of teens from across India.

Rohan returned to the campus with a renewed passion for music.  Rohan was not able to purchase a drum set for him to use at home. However, he did not let this stop him from fulfilling his desire to bring music to campus. He built his own kit using materials found in his apartment. He created a drum set out of an old suitcase, some soup pot lids and other materials.

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