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Beef Empanadas

Beef Empanadas

Empanadas! Even their name is a celebration. These savory turnovers are a favorite at festivals and parties from Spain to Latin America. They come in a variety of fillings from chicken and vegetables to beef and cheese. They are perfect finger food, whether they’re fried or baked until golden. The name comes from the Spanish verb “empanar,” which means “to wrap or coat in bread.” Making traditional empanadas with homemade dough can be a labor of love, but I’ve got a shortcut for you: store-bought empanada wrappers. They are usually found in the frozen section of supermarkets. In less than an hr, you can prepare my beef empanadas filled with a savory cheesy mixture. If you’re cooking with kids, let them help with the wrapping—it’s fun! This recipe will yield 10-12 empanadas. It’s perfect for an appetizer or quick dinner. If you’ve got a house full of hungry guests, definitely double the recipe!

What You’ll Need To Make Beef Empanadas

When making empanadas, it’s important to choose the right type of wrapper for your preferred cooking method. Goya offers three types of wrappers for empanadas: Empanada dough for frying, Empanada dough for baking, and Empanada dough-puff pastry for baking. The puff pastry version is best for…

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