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The sacred ground that is now the island in middle of the kitchen, and the white round tables to the side are the round, white table. The space that was once a church in Price Hill is now a place for children to gather after school, play games and eat specially prepared food. It also serves as a meeting place for their parents and other safe adults. The islands and tables are a safety net to mothers between 19 and 40 years old while their children attend school. They are equal parts counselor’s office and sitting with your best friend in her home. Moms from different walks of life gather every Monday to share their stories and dissipate differences in the name belonging.

Back2Back Cincy staff began a moms’ group on Mondays in May 2021 for an hour and half. Kaylee Yoder was the leader of the group, while Emma Martinez led the women in understanding the value of community and building relationships. “We wanted the women to know they aren’t alone and that, in my cases, they are going through very similar situations at the same time and don’t even realize it,” shared Kaylee and Emma.

The group meets every Monday for coffee and conversation. They then cook a meal together to bring home.

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