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Celebrate Despite the Tough Times

Celebrate Despite the Tough Times

2021 was a challenging year for everyone. Children and staff in Haiti were no exception. They had to navigate the educational changes brought about by the pandemic and adapt to new ways to live their lives in light of riots, tragedies in government and other closures. Children were able to continue schooling, and staff provided safety and security through the many ups and downs. 

Weekendson Moise and Back2Back staff coordinated an event at the Back2Back Haiti Campus to celebrate making it through another difficult year. Children  from all partnering homes, staff and their families, Hope Program students, and Strong Families were all in attendance to celebrate making it through 2021!

The event featured skits and poems, as well as a violin player and local musicians. Weekenson, a gifted singer/songwriter, performed a worship song he had written for everyone.

Together they worshiped God, shared laughter, and shared meals. This was a time to realize that life isn’t always easy. But if we stay together, we can overcome any obstacle.

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