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Celebrating What’s Next

Celebrating What’s Next

The puzzle pieces were spread out on the table in front of four young men. The house parents spoke words of life and encouragement to them. They told them that the puzzle was a reminder of the fact that the answers to life’s puzzles can be found in their Bibles and God. The young men smiled gratefully for the leadership of their house parents and the many ways they’ve loved them through the highs and lows of growing up. 

Recent celebrations were held by four Hope Education Program high school graduates. All four boys have grown up and learned together in the same house throughout their high school years. Three celebrated the completions of high school, and one celebrated finishing his training at a technical school. The staff, bio-families, and visiting mission teams hosted a celebration in honor of their hardwork. 

Together they heard a special message encouraging them to pursue their goals. They were able to enjoy snacks, prayer and worship as well as spend quality time with their family members and visiting guests. They all still live on campus but have recently taken part-time jobs away from campus. These are not their permanent jobs.

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