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Cream of Mushrooms Soup

Cream of Mushrooms Soup

Most grocers offer wild mushrooms that are already washed, cut, and ready for cooking. This makes it easy to make this creamy mushroom soup. The secret to the soup’s wonderful flavor is that some of the wine is added at the end—meaning it’s not cooked off—which adds bright flavor that cuts through the earthiness of the mushrooms and richness of the cream. I love serving this soup for special occasions and holiday meals—it’s creamy and flavorful, yet not so rich that it spoils everyone’s appetite. But it’s also the perfect choice for a cozy lunch or light dinner. A shopping tip: When selecting mushrooms or any prepared produce, remember the grocer’s rule: first in, first out. In the front, you’ll find the oldest packages. For the freshest produce, reach to the back of the shelf and you’ll typically find packages with a later expiration date.

“So delicious! We loved this soup on the night I made it, and it was even better the next day!”


What You’ll Need To Make Cream of Mushroom Soup

Step-by step instructions

Melt butter in a pot on medium heat. Add the shallots…

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