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Customised knee implants within hours – thanks to AI


Total knee replacement (TKR), which is the best treatment for pain relief and normal function in a damaged knee joint, is the most efficient.

VOLMO LTD(UK) in partnership with the University of Birmingham have developed  an innovative design tool that enables these implants to be customised for individual patients. These customized implants can then be 3D printed using medical-grade titanium alloys. This platform was successfully tested on a real patient case. The platform produced all three components, femur and spacer as well as the tibial implant. This platform is powered by artificial intelligence, computer-aided design algorithms, medical image processing, and medical image processing. It creates a 3D model from the knee joint in just minutes. From there the final customised component designs for the implant can be made in less than an hour. These designs were then printed 3D in the Centre for Custom Medical Devices at University of Birmingham with a RenAM 500S selective laser melting system made of medical-grade Ti-6Al-4V. 


  1. Patient-specific knee implants are essential 

Although implant survival has been good with current techniques, patients’ satisfaction levels have fallen significantly.

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