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Dry-Brined Turkey

Dry-Brined Turkey

Rebecca Jurkevich who styled the second edition of my cookbook, passed this recipe to me. It is adapted from a Jeff Mauro dry-brined chicken recipe that appeared in Rachel Ray Magazine. This recipe’s simplicity is what I love most about it. You start by rubbing a mixture of salt and seasonings—the dry brine—onto the turkey’s skin, then let it rest in the fridge overnight. Unlike the fussy wet-brine method, this process is easy and gives excellent results. The salt not only thoroughly seasons the meat but also draws out the bird’s natural juices, creating a self-brine that the meat reabsorbs, guaranteeing a turkey that’s flavorful and juicy from the inside out. The rest of the brine in the fridge also dries the skin, so that when you cook the turkey, it will have a beautiful golden brown, crispy exterior. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a turkey first-timer, this dry-brined turkey recipe is a must-try for its ease and dependable results.

“My husband just declared this is the best turkey we’ve made in 40 years!!!! I agree!!”


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