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Finding a Greater Understanding

Finding a Greater Understanding

In the last month, local psychiatrist Dr. Carlos Garcia Espinoza has provided several trainings for around 55 people affiliated with Back2Back, including Strong Families parents, 12 Stones staff, and Rancho de los Niños children’s home staff. Dr. Garcia Espinoza is a medical professional and psychiatrist trained in several types of therapies; he came highly recommended to staff as he is well known throughout Mazatlán for his work.

In three sessions, parents and staff gained a better understanding of mental health. Dr. Garcia Espinoza had several topics to cover regarding mental health, and he presented them in an engaging and personable way. He addressed myths and realities about seeking mental health help/seeing a psychiatrist, when to seek help, and what to expect from a consultation. He also discussed the differences and similarities between therapists psychologists and psychiatrists.

“Staff and parents walked away with a greater understanding and knowledge of these themes and a sense of confidence on the topic of mental health,” explained Wendy…

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