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Mary Beth Chapman, our co-founder

Mary Beth Chapman, our co-founder

Treasures Pondering My Heart

Grammy The following are some examples of how to get started: PopPops … that is what six—almost seven(!)—little people call me and Steven. They are. Only a few people know how to pronounce the word “only” We love that we have these naming rights! The names of our children bring us a special feeling. I remember Emily Tanner returning from Ireland at Easter. Shaoey, the person who was told the secret, announced through her prayer, that we would be having our first grandchild at Easter. Eiley was the first to arrive, followed by Della, Noble and Verity. Soon after, Faye and Ollie were born. I’ve already mentioned that No. 7 will be making his entrance this October, and the Chapman nest will be a bit tighter squeeze—yet we wouldn’t want it any other way.

As if I had blinked, here I was, Grammy of these precious lives. I find myself thinking about things I would like to share with these precious little ones. These questions keep rattling in my head … What do I want them to know? What would I like them to remember about me? What would I tell them? This blog was written by me. I tried to be poetic and find just the right words. But I always came back to these…

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