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Gaining Understanding

Gaining Understanding

Back2Back staff Leah Martinez works closely with local community centers through a D.R. Since the beginning of this year, Leah Martinez has been working closely with a local community center through a D.R. As captain over the center, Leah comes alongside 10 nine-14-year old Haitian children who don’t speak much Spanish and need assistance in order to get into a local public school.

Leah works with the head teacher as a partner and they learn from each other about the best ways to care for the children in their care. Leah offers consistent, trauma-informed support to the children and strengthens the sense of safety in the classroom.

Leah was approached by the head teacher to ask for her help in managing classroom behavior better.

“He is open to learning from Leah, and this is something we find exciting and encouraging,” shared Hope Garcia, Back2Back D.R. Co-Director.

Please join Back2Back in prayer that every partner organization and adult our staff team meets would see the value in trauma-competent care and gain a desire to share what they’re learning with those around them.

Back2Back Ministries’ first post, Gaining Understanding, was published on February 2, 2009.

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