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A Report from Zambia| An Update from Zambia

A Report from Zambia| An Update from Zambia

Joseph stands in front of the Gap Year Program centre.

Many years ago,

Joseph thought that his mother was the only one who truly loved him. His father had died before he was even born. Joseph was devastated when his mother died while he was a young child.

His grandparents looked after him and encouraged to work hard. He never took opportunities for granted. While living with his grandmother, he was also subjected to abuse. In his grief, he became bitter, angry and fought a lot. 

Lifesong walked alongside Joseph as he struggled with difficult emotions and helped him to process the death of his parents. He received quality food, mentoring, and an education.  

Joseph has been working with Lifesong now for 14 years. He graduated 12 years ago from secondary school.Th grade.

Joseph shares—

“I learned more about Jesus and how I can live a holy life. I learned about how to respect elders, and live with others. I am humbly grateful to God for Lifesong helping me reach this far.”

Joseph is now enrolled in Lifesong Zambia’s new Gap Year Program and plans to study agricultural science. 

In Zambia, Lifesong’s Gap Year Program meets a critical need during an important…

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