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Glenoid Version: Acceptors and Correctors

Glenoid Version: Acceptors and Correctors

At a recent Cantina luncheon, conversation among five shoulder surgeons concluded that shoulder surgeons are becoming divided with respect to their approaches to arthritic shoulders with glenoid retroversion: there are the “acceptors” and  The “correctors”.

You can also find out more about the following: Acceptors The glenoid should only be reaming enough to produce a smooth concavity corresponding to the rear of the glenoid. The Correctors If possible, reduce the glenoid retroversion by 15 degrees or less using components that are posteriorly enhanced, a “high-side” anterior reaming or posterior bone graft. 

You can also find out more about the following: Acceptor This approach uses only standard plain radiographs. It may also use anteriorly eccentric humeral heads and rotator-interval plications if there is excessive decentering of the posterior limb at surgery. 

In contrast, the Corrector A preoperative CT scan is usually required, as well as three-dimensional planning and a way to carry out the plan during surgery, such a patient-specific instrumentation or computer guided.

In terms of clinical outcomes, the literature to date has not demonstrated a superiority in either approach for arthritic shoulder with a retroverted elbow.

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