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God is concerned about South Korean college students

God is concerned about South Korean college students

Oak Tree Project alumni enjoy time with staff

Stress can be an issue for students in college,

It is exhausting and lonely for orphans in South Korea who are attending college. South Korean orphans who have graduated high school must leave the orphanage they grew in at 18 years old and make their way on their own. Orphans who are older and have left the orphanage can be easy targets for sex-traffickers, cults and gangs. Those who do manage to enter college struggle with dropping out and debt because of tuition costs and living expense

The fact that young adults like these are alone in this world, without a family or a support system who love them unconditionally, is perhaps the most disturbing.

Oak Tree Project in South Korea is a ministry that supports and mentors college-bound orphans. As the young adults we serve experience a tangible representation of God’s love through their mentors, they grow from timid, self-reliant individuals into confident, connected men and women of faith.

Oak Tree Project interviews graduates every March to make sure they are meeting the needs of their students.

We want to share the results of these interviews.

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