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God’s Faithfulness in Our Adoption Wait

God’s Faithfulness in Our Adoption Wait

My phone buzzed.

During our adoption wait, I’ve always kept my phone close. Every time it rings, part of me hopes it’s the call we’ve been waiting for.

I answered. I listened to our social worker and tried to remain calm. The NICU was waiting for us to bring a baby. We just had to ask. You can say yes to that.

We quickly put our children to bed after dinner.

We wondered whether it would be our last time tucking just two girls in bed.

The rest of the night we pulled out newborn clothes and diapers, our heads spinning with anxiety and excitement—researching, calling our friends who work in medicine, trying to make the best decision for our family.

There were many unknowns and a lot of things to consider. The world is a mess and broken. Stepping into the brokenness of this world can be challenging.

We want to provide the best possible care for the children who enter our home. Although we want to control and prepare, this is impossible with adoption.

Loss and brokenness are always the catalysts for adoption. It’s hard to let go of fear, expectations, and uncertainty.

We know we’re the lucky ones. We get three…

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