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Growing in Depth & Breadth

Growing in Depth & Breadth

Back2Back’s Dominican Republic site is unique from the sites who came before it.  As partnerships are formed with local non profit organizations, the goal is to expand and impact more families and children by scaling up through other organisations. D.R. By completing Trauma Competent Care (TCC) training, D.R. Through Trauma Competent Care training, the D.R. How to provide holistic care for vulnerable populations, as well as how to create safe, trusting, and healing spaces.

Recently, four foster care team staff members from Back2Back Monterrey’s site visited the D.R. Together with the local team, they led a five-day training program for local judges, social workers, and magistrates who work for the government.

“This was the first time we’ve been able to hold and help lead this kind of event,” shared Hope Garcia, Back2Back D.R. Co-Director. “They were very receptive to the information, and when we led the intro to Trauma Competent Care training, they asked a lot of questions.”

The simulation activity, Vida in Limbo, allows participants to step into the shoes of bio-parents, children and caregivers. The decision-makers were given the opportunity to…

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