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Hands-On, Trauma Informed Education


Back2Back staff have longed for many years to open a Back2Back school at the Suzuki Samuel Hope Campus. Construction started in 2019. Construction of the Living Tree Discovery High School’s main section took several years.

“The original plan was for the school to be predominantly for preschool aged children,” shared Julie Mowery, Back2Back India Director. “However, the more we saw how COVID and so many changes in education plans affected the older children, we realized it would be beneficial to have a more hands-on impact in their education, allowing higher education opportunities to be more obtainable.” 

Back2Back staff recently held the school’s inauguration. A  plaque was presented declaring its opening, and a small ceremony was held to inform local leaders about the school’s goals for children and teens.

It will eventually be an educational home for three levels of preschool, first through tenth grades. Six additional qualified teachers and called teachers are needed. Everyone involved is eager to see what the school can offer its students …..

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