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Hearts Posturing for Praise

Hearts Posturing for Praise

Agape Hope House, in Nigeria, can be heard at any moment. You may hear a mix of instruments and vocals, or young men singing acapella. There is only one common thread, no matter how you encounter the music – it is an act of worship.

Nehemiah, the Hope Parent, and Deborah, his wife, have been lovingly and faithfully opening their home for teen boys in the last six-years. Together with their biological daughters and the strength and call God gives them, they create a warm and connected space as they raise boys into young men in their own home.

In their time parenting, they’ve seen at least five young men graduate high school and move toward university and bigger dreams, they’ve been spiritual mentors to students with difficult pasts, and have led many to relationship with Jesus. They’ve addressed past hurts, helped them overcome trauma, and prepared them for a world ripe with possibility. They’ve also diligently shown what living a life of worship is and how it can be done. 

Nehemiah’s ultimate act of worship has always been music. When he was young, he self-taught himself to play the drums, the piano and…

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