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Hope for the Journey 2023 Discussion Guide


The discussion guide below is designed to help you host the 2023 Hope for the Journey Conference. It offers suggestions for small-group discussion ideas that will reinforce the content of the conference. You can select the activities that work best for your group based on their size and needs. You can also divide it by topic which allows you more flexibility in your scheduling. Consider virtual breakout rooms if you are hosting a virtual event for smaller groups.

Many thanks to all of you at Connect with Empowered People Thank you for your support of this guide!

An Introduction to the TBRI

Risk Factors

Difficult Pregnancy

Difficult birth

Early Hospitalization



Institutional Care: The Impact

Which of these risk factors have your child/children experienced? 

How can you change your behavior by considering the possible impact of these risk factors?


Children who have been through trauma in a relationship will be able to heal by having safe and nurturing relationships. — Dr. Karyn Purvis

How will the above thought affect your perception of your role in caring for the elderly?

Impact of Risk Factors 

The 5…

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