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The Easter Story is your greatest motivation

The Easter Story is your greatest motivation

When we read about the death of Christ, we can’t wait to get to Easter morning.

We want Christ to be victorious!

But even in our enthusiasm to see good triumph over evil, it’s easy to miss how Jesus’s death and resurrection are actually the greatest motivation we have for Everything It is good that we do it every day.

In reality, Easter is the most important moment in your life and mine. Here’s how—

1. Easter accomplishes salvation.

The resurrection of Christ from the grave is the only way to salvation and relationship with God. But since Christ died and rose again, we can obtain fellowship with Him. The Good News of Jesus Christ can be shared with those who need it. Because of the resurrection we go on mission trips, set up Christian schools, build Gospel-believing congregations, and run Christian camps.

2. Easter gives life.

Without Jesus’s death and resurrection, we have no hope that the painful details of this life are temporary. Without Easter, the only thing that matters is our present events. The Easter celebration will bring a day when people who are saved by Christ will be free of the sufferings and joys of this present life. Grief The…

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