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How to make soft-boiled eggs


Perfectly cooked soft-boiled egg have a perfectly set white and a warm, yolky yolk. These eggs are great over salads or ramen and make a delicious breakfast when they are served in an egg cup with toast sticks. Soft-boiled eggs can be dropped into boiling water instead of hard-boiled eggs which are heated in cold water. This allows you to precisely time your eggs so that they always turn out perfectly white with a slightly runny yolk. For the most consistent results, I recommend using cold-from-the-fridge large eggs, which take exactly 6½ minutes minutes to cook. You will need to adjust the cooking time for smaller or larger eggs by about a minute in either direction.

How to make soft-boiled eggs

Bring water to boil in a large saucepan that can hold the eggs in one layer.

bringing water to a boil for soft-boiled eggs

Gently drop each cold egg into the water using a spoon.

lowering eggs into boiling waterCook for exactly 6½ minutes, adjusting the heat as necessary to maintain a gentle boil.

boiling eggs

Fill a bowl with some ice cubes and cold water. After the eggs have been cooked, place them in the water and let them chill for 2 minutes.

soft-boiled eggs in ice bath

Use an eggshell cutter or sharp…

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