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“I feel at home here.”

“I feel at home here.”

Great Oaks Academy, Back2Back Nigeria’s Trauma-informed school is flourishing and continually welcoming in new students. Recently, Back2Back Nigeria’s trauma-informed school staff visited Great Oaks Academy to check on the students and see how things were going.

“The children look so grown up and beautiful in their new uniforms and shoes,” shared Patience Dimka, Back2Back staff. “It feels like Christmas morning to them and they are excited to show off their new items.”

When asked to describe their experience at the new school, the children quickly shared the encouraging atmosphere they had experienced. “I’m having a nice time,” one young man shared. “The moment I walked off the bus and toward the school, I felt happiness and peace. The teachers are friendly, the classrooms are well-furnished, and the learning materials are what I’ve always wished we had in school. I feel at home here and I told myself I would put in the extra work to be successful.”

They were all excited to be there and had new hairstyles. As they settle in, they’re becoming more familiar with their teachers and staff are confident they will all adapt and grow well in this new space….

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