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Dani is not trafficked. Here’s Why.


Many Thai migrant children are forced to live in camps that they have built.

These children are very vulnerable and at high risk of being trafficked or abused.  

According to the Global Slavery Index in Thailand, Trafficking has claimed the lives of 610,000 people.

In particular, the risk of migrants entering Thailand from Myanmar, Laos or Cambodia to work in construction sites is still high. Even more for their children.

Because of this, Lifesong Thailand is committed to helping vulnerable children … like Dani.

This is Dani’s story in her own words—

Meet Dani

Born and raised in Cambodia, Dani’s earliest memories involve struggle.

Dani was four years old when her father left her family and her mother fled to Thailand in search for work. Her story isn’t unusual. According to estimates, between 1.7 and 2 million Cambodian migrants now live in Thailand. This is because Thai jobs are more common.

Dani, who was living in Cambodia with her grandmother while she went to school, spent her mornings working as a mango picker.

“I was so tired, but we needed the money.”

Dani’s mom loved her and wanted to be with her. So she was ready to go.

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