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Computer-assisted navigation during shoulder arthroplasty.

Computer-assisted navigation during shoulder arthroplasty.

Intraoperative navigation by computer is designed to assist surgeons in implementing a preoperative surgical plan on the patient. One such system is the ExactechGPS (see this video), which utilizes a stereotaxic tracker attached to the coracoid process and identifies the location of pre-selected points on the glenoid and scapula as references for orienting instruments in the performance of the glenoid arthroplasty. 


The authors of Two-year clinical outcomes and complication rates in anatomic and reverse shoulder arthroplasty implanted with Exactech GPS© intraoperative navigation  present their results using this system in anatomic (ATSA) and reverse (RTSA) total shoulder arthroplasties performed using preoperative planning and intraoperative navigation.

This series was contributed by 35 different surgeons; the choice to use navigation rested with the surgeon. 

The average outcome at 31 months for 216 shoulders was: 155 degrees active flexion; Constant score 75; ASES score 87; UCLA score 32; SPADI score 16 and SAS score 83.  Complications include 1 humeral break, 5 glenoid fractures…

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