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Is there a problem with the shoulder arthroplasty that failed?


Surgeons and patients want to know if a shoulder arthroplasty failed is due to a periprosthetic infections (PJI). For the detection of Cutibacterium, the most common infecting organism known, routine preoperative assessments – blood tests and physical exam – are not reliable.

Many times, preoperative joint fluid aspirates will be sent for bacterial culture to identify the type of organisms present in failed shoulder arthroplasties.

The authors have published “What is the concordance rate between preoperative synovial liquid aspiration? and intraoperative biopsy to detect periprosthetic joints infection of the shoulder?” Preoperative culture data was evaluated for the early detection of pathogens in shoulder PJI.

The older Musculoskeletal Illness Society criteria were used to diagnose PJI. These patients were only those who met the criteria and had revisions for shoulder PJI, including intraoperative tissue culture data and preoperative synovial liquid culture. Note that patients with “dry” taps were not included. This is why the numbers of cases excluded are not disclosed.

We included 50 patients. Antibiotics…

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