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Learning Outside of the Classroom


Field trips are an integral part of American students’ education. For 15 Pacific Christian Academy students from Mazatlan it was a common part of their school experience. Neue Experience something new! Staff and students went to Tostaditas Blancas in the local tostado factory. The factory’s history and the owner were shared with them. He related his own story of buying a tortilleria during bankruptcy and working hard until he could buy a factory.  The company is now very large and employs many people. They also distribute products throughout Mexico.

Students were also able to learn about the different production areas and how they maintain the site. They were even able to view the interior of the factory and see how tostadas bake, are cut, bagged and packed.

The field trip gave the students real-world experiences and allowed them to gain a greater understanding of the world outside their classroom walls. Students can enjoy trips like these through faithful partnership, prayer, advocacy, and learning more about their homeland and the food they love.

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