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Let Me See Your Eyes

Back2Back’s staff have been trained and providing care around the globe for many years. Connection Groups are an integral part. Connection Groups at local schools are flourishing as the Cincinnati location continues to grow by strengthening local connections with current partners and growing through local connections.

Kaylee and Stephanie Powers from Back2Back Cincy have worked in two schools over the past two years. They have created lesson plans, led Connection Groups and facilitated Connection Groups. Kaylee trains staff members to lead six different Connection Groups and leads one of them herself. Connection Groups are a time set aside to teach children the basics of managing their emotions.

“The life script Have fun, stick together and don’t hurt anyone has really lingered with the kids,” explained Kaylee. “They have memorized them quickly and use them often all on their own.”

Stephanie distributed a Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire to all the children in Connection Groups. It examines their behavior, pro-social behaviors, emotional intelligence and any peer problems that they may have.

“We use this as a basis for growth over the course of a school year,” explained…

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