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Living Tree Discovery School: Dreams Come True


Ground was broken for the Living Tree Discovery School at the Suzuki Samuel India Hope Campus in 2019. This was the realization of a long-held dream. As long-held plans were realized and blueprints turned into brick and mortar, staff watched. They were excited to see the day when students would not have to leave campus to attend government schools. Instead, they would be able stay and attend trauma-informed schools with the best education practices.

Weather delays and the COVID epidemic delayed construction. However, the opening date for The Living Tree Discovery School was extended to June 2022.

The school serves as an educational home for all children who live on campus, as well as those who come from three villages nearby. “We are excited for what this will mean for the younger children who will be under Back2Back’s educational care for the entirety of their school careers,” shared Julie Mowery, Back2Back US Director for India. “We want to make as much of a difference as possible, and the longer we can teach them, the more possible that will be.”

All-national teachers have been trained in Trauma Competent Classrooms. This will enable them to better serve each child…

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