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Local Partnership Offers Holistic Care

Local Partnership Offers Holistic Care

Back2Back strives for continuous holistic care for every family and child they serve. This ensures staff meet all of their spiritual, emotional, educational and social needs. A child in a partnering home was recently diagnosed with a serious illness. Doctor’s offices are difficult to find in Haiti and in the event there is one nearby, safety and cleanliness is not always ensured.

Staff developed a partnership to bring a doctor to each of the partnering homes. He was there to perform testing on a particular illness and make sure that the children are happy and healthy in their own home.

Together, they have a goal of providing doctor’s visits to each partnering home and the Hope Program students. The doctor is eager to form a new partnership with the Hope Program students and provide safe, consistent medical care to children in need.

Back2Back invites you to join us in celebrating nationals who give their talents and gifts to provide care today and hope tomorrow.

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