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Self-Discovery: New Paths

Self-Discovery: New Paths

Back2Back’s care for India’s most vulnerable population continues to expand. However, cultural expectations must be taken into consideration to ensure the best holistic approach. Staff understand that if children in the country want to get the best job opportunities after completing university or a trade-school, they must be able to speak English. This allows staff to help students make good decisions and lead them well.

Seven children from the Strong Families Program made a recent transition from a Telugu Medium school, where only Telugu as a medium of instruction is taught. To an English Medium School, both Telugu AND English are spoken and taught. The children struggled at first to adjust and were unable to juggle two languages. After a few months of having an English tutor in the after-school hours, the children have been able to keep up and grow their speaking skills.

Few parents pulled their children out of the English medium school after other families in their neighborhood noticed the boost in confidence in the students.

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