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Adoption Month in November

Adoption Month in November

Welcome to National Adoption Month.

Here at Lifesong, we believe every month is an opportunity to share about adoption, but we’re grateful November has been recognized nationally National Adoption Awareness Month begins!

Did you Know? According to the Barna GroupOnly 5% out of 38% practicing Christians actually adopt? Adoption funding is a major barrier. Adoption costs can be overwhelming.

But we believe money should never be the reason a child doesn’t have a family.

So this month, we’re encouraging you to do one of two things to honor National Adoption Month—

1. Would you like to help raise awareness?

Lori, an adoptive mom wrote us recently to say—

Lifesong was a great help to us during our adoption. The Matching Grant came as an answer to prayer because we had been hesitant in pursuing this adoption due to lack of finances.

This is a phrase we hear often. Adoption funding can make a huge difference. It allows families to follow God’s calling on their lives.

You can help a Christian family that is in the process of adoption by letting them know about this page ,…

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