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Prepare for their Future

Prepare for their Future

Three Senior students from a Back2Back-run, trauma-informed school recently experienced a rite of passage many teens around the world share – college visits! Early in March, three senior students visited five local universities for information about the options they have to further their education.

“The three students, along with three Back2Back staff, took a lot of time to prepare for this special time in their lives,” explained Rachel Osuna, Back2Back staff and teacher. “Each student was assisted in applying for necessary vocational testing and also took tests to help them better understand their personal learning styles.” Staff also took intentional time to answer questions the students had and help them measure their expectations for the visits.

Each student was nervous on the day of their visit, but as they were accompanied by trusted adults, their excitement and anxiety grew. Students asked questions all day long, demonstrating their interest in the space and information around them. After the visits, the students discussed their first impressions with staff and each other. They also talked about which universities they felt were the best match for them. They…

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