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Hanging on Their Armor


Hanna Firstenberger, Back2Back personnel, held a bucket of water in a single hand and a tangerine within the different. She smiled on the faces amassed round her at the ground as she dropped the tangerine into the water. They watched in combination because it floated to the skin.

“Why did it waft?” she requested her elegance, and gave them time to imagine their solutions.

She got rid of it from the water and peeled the tangerine. She held it up as she requested, “Will it waft with out its peel?” And once more, gave the kids time to imagine their solutions.

Plop. She dropped the tangerine within the water, and this time it sank to the ground.

“Once we put on God’s armor, like this peel, our hearts, this tangerine, are safe from the dangerous issues of this global,” Hanna defined. “We waft once we put on God’s armor, however what occurs once we take His armor off?” she requested.

“We siiiiink!” they cried in unison.

For a number of weeks, Hanna has been the use of what she’s finding out in her time with God and educating it to her elegance at Back2Back Cincinnati. Not too long ago, she felt pulled to show on religious struggle, however sought after to do it in an age suitable method that wouldn’t strike worry in her scholars. That is the place the tangerine and…

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