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Rebuilding the Fragmented

Rebuilding the Fragmented

Much has changed recently at a Back2Back-partnering children’s home. When the pandemic made its way to Mexico, many of the children under Back2Back’s care returned to live with biological families, if it was safe for them to do so. The decision was made with great care and consideration. It allowed the virus to spread less, but still provided staff an opportunity to serve the children. The children recovered well and the staff saw that it was an excellent opportunity to start a Strong Families Program.

Started in Cancun, the Strong Families Program allows children to stay where they truly belong – with their biological families. Children receive tutoring and special classes while parents attend parenting classes and Bible studies. This is a chance for families to move from struggling to thriving while remaining physically and mentally united.  

The work of the staff’s technical team, social workers, and psychologists has reunited two different families. The staff have seen a rise in the number of connections and relationships between two young men and their grandmother and mother.

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