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Back2Back employees work long, difficult hours and never give up fighting for the vulnerable populations that they serve around the globe. The Back2Back Care Team organizes staff retreats every year for different staff teams. This year the D.R. This was a special occasion.

“We decided to hold an island of Hispaniola retreat,” shared Hope Garcia, Back2Back staff. “We invited all the Haiti leaders, and three were able to come.”

The D.R. Three Haitian staff members and the D.R. With three members of the Care Team in the corporate office. Together, they shared teachings, life experiences, and prayers. They stayed at a beachside hotel. The Haiti staff hasn’t been able to come and go easily with the upheaval in their country, and this time away for them was intentional and life-giving. After the retreat, the Haiti staff returned to their families safely. Then the border between Haiti and D.R. was closed.

“God’s mercy was so evident during our time together and in staff getting back into Haiti safely,” shared Hope. 

Retreats are a key way staff reset and refocus on their roles and why they do what they do – it is a time to focus on…

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