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Opposite or anatomic overall shoulder for glenohumeral arthritis – does a preoperative MRI assist with the verdict?


20 years in the past, the opposite overall shoulder arthroplasty (RSA) was once authorized by way of the USA Meals and Drug Management “with the intention to repair mobility in a grossly rotator cuff poor joint with serious arthropathy” (see this hyperlink and this hyperlink).
Since that point, the usage of RSA has expanded unexpectedly to incorporate “off label” indications, corresponding to number one osteoarthritis with an intact rotator cuff (see Off-label use of opposite overall shoulder arthroplasty: the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Shoulder and Elbow Registry).
The applying of the RSA for sufferers having osteoarthritis with an intact cuff can also be considered within the gentle of a number of elements:
(1) The present population-based knowledge from the Australian Orthopaedic Affiliation, which displays higher longer term survivorship for the anatomic overall shoulder than for the opposite overall shoulder.

(2) The danger of difficult results – a few of which might be necessarily distinctive to the opposite overall shoulder and are tough or unattainable to revise surgically, together with baseplate failure, acromial and scapular backbone fractures, deltoid fatigue, and restricted interior rotation (see My Opposite Has Failed: Most sensible 5 Headaches and Learn how to Arrange Them). Antagonistic results controlled with out surgical treatment are…

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