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Satisfying Ramen Bowls—No Seasoning Packet Needed!

Satisfying Ramen Bowls—No Seasoning Packet Needed!

Miso Ramen

It doesn’t get much more comforting and cozy than a steaming bowl of ramen—but add savory, subtly sweet white miso and you’ve elevated that comfort food classic to epic status. Garnish the ramen with your favorite garnish. Miso Ramen Enjoy your favorite ingredients and slurp with abandon!

toppings for miso ramen recipe

Why You’ll Love This Miso Ramen Recipe

  • Instant Flavor without the Instant Flavor Packet. Miso gives ramen a rich flavor that is nutty with a slight sweetness. The miso broth adds umami to the broth, whereas the instant seasonings are full of sodium and artificial flavorings. (You’ll love miso in my Miso Salmon too.)
  • A hearty Meal. Filling with chicken, noodles and eggs, The following are some examples of how to get started: You can find out more about it here. the veggies, this miso ramen will fill you up fast—but not in a way that makes you feel heavy and weighed down. Just like my Crockpot Beef Stew and 15 Bean Soup, it’s exactly the kind of meal you want on a chilly day.
  • It’s Worthy for a Weeknight. This miso ramen is made up of a few simple steps (only 5 minutes prep time!). It’s easy. It’s also ideal for meal prep, which means you can get a head start and then have dinner on the table lickety-split. 
  • Probiotics is Yo. Miso…

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