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Saying yes to adventure

Saying yes to adventure

Oaxaca is a town located outside Mexico City and 20 hours away by car. Back2Back doesn’t currently partner with any homes or families in Oaxaca, but this didn’t stop a young woman from making big moves to chase a dream.

Camila* made the 20 hour drive just over four years ago to enter Monterrey’s Hope Education Program. She settled into her new family quickly, declaring her goals and working towards them day by day.

Camila’s hard work paid off recently as she graduated university with her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Camila’s Hope Program Parents planned a party, and Camila, dressed in her red cap, gown and ringing bell, joined her fellow Hope Program Students for the ceremony.

The ringing is a moment of celebration for the graduates, as well those who assisted them in achieving their educational goals. Camila was surrounded by her village as she stepped forward to honor the time and effort she had put into her last four years. She was surrounded by her mom, her sister, her grandparents, Hope Program parents, her peers, members of her church and her sponsors. 

“Her local…

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