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An Update| An Update from Liberia

An Update| An Update from Liberia

After their graduation ceremony, Liberian high-school graduates pose for a picture.

Seven outstanding students graduated

This year, students from Lifesong Christian Academy as well as Jones Christian Academy Liberia graduated high school. All of them were small babies when they first came to Lifesong. Today, they are all young adults who want to make an impact on the world. These students had to overcome many obstacles, including poverty, neglect, hunger and rejection, as well as Ebola and COVID-19.

Graduation, in the midst of all they’ve endured, is an impressive accomplishment.

At Lifesong Vocational College, they are constantly learning new skills to help them succeed in their careers.

We congratulate Alex Andrew Blessings Emmanuel Jeremiah Peter Princess.

Alex is planning to become an electrical engineer. Alex is currently enrolled in Lifesong Vocational College.

Andrew attends Lifesong Vocational College where he studies to be an electrician. He shares that he “found his family” at Lifesong.

Blessings is interested in becoming a fashion designer as well as a nurse. She is currently studying tailoring in Lifesong Vocational College.

Emmanuel is a student of information technology. He shares—

“My life would never have amounted to anything if…

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