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Sharing their Homes


Standing in front the staff, he raised his hands in front of them and bowed. Staff responded with applause – a dad in the Strong Families Program had completed a Kung Fu demonstration during a home visit. He thanked them for their kindness and smiled. This is only one example of the many ways families share their lives with staff members during visits.

“When COVID hit Cancun, so much had to be paused,” explained Amy Kelly, Back2Back staff. “One of the big tasks was home visits by our social workers. When restrictions were lifted, they immediately scheduled visits at the beginning of 2022; they see two families a week.”

Social workers spend time in families praying over them and getting to understand each family member better. Families love to share their homes with staff and often cook food for them to share as a thank-you.

Every staff member brings a bag with small food items and fruit to the families when they visit. One of the fathers was a former teacher of Kung Fu and performed a demonstration for the staff.

“It is a special time to share more of their personalities and interests, and the kids…

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