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Shoulder Infections – What you need to Know.

Shoulder Infections – What you need to Know.

Infections can be a major problem for patients who have shoulder surgery. 

The posts on this blog show that:
Cutibacterium – a commensal bacterium found in normal dermis – is the most common organism causing periprosthetic shoulder infections (PJI). Infections of the total hip or total knee replacements, however, are typically caused by different types of bacteria. 
Even in the absence preoperative suspicion, Cutibacterium is often isolated from specimens taken at a revision of a failed arthroplasty.
Cutibacterium infection is more common in healthy, young men who have undergone surgery, those with high Cutibacterium loads on their skin and those taking testosterone supplements.
(4) When skin incisions are made, these organisms can be released into the surgical site from the dermis.
(5) Cutibacterium can not be removed from the dermis with preoperative skin preparation, preoperative antibacterials or surgical skin preparation.
Although Betadine or antibacterial irrigation solutions, and in-wounds antibiotics can be helpful in reducing bacteria in the surgical area, there is no evidence to suggest that they decrease the rate of infection.

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