Friday, October 7, 2022
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Mental Health on Campus: Situation Grim, but Not Hopeless

Mental health issues among college students have increased by nearly 50% since 2013, one large study shows, now affecting 3 of every 5...

Physicians React: Burnout Rates Are Alarming

When physicians lament that they feel burned out at work, what exactly do they mean? ...

My Patient Planned to Murder Me

San Diego internist David B. Bittleman, MD, was finishing an appointment with a patient when the man's...

COVID Childcare Woes Increased Stress in Medical Workers: Study

Pandemic-related childcare stress (CCS) provoked burnout, anxiety, and depression in healthcare workers, with disproportionate impacts on women...

Violent Patient Throws Scalding Oil on MD; Other Patient Dangers

Ralph Newman, MD, got a taste of how dangerous medicine could be at age 10, when he...
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