Friday, October 7, 2022
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ED Docs Seek Accountability for Violence Committed by Patients

Acts of violence targeting the professionals who staff America's emergency departments has gotten significantly worse since the...

Improved Screening for Post-op Delirium Holds Promise

A new screening method could help identify older people at increased risk for delirium after surgery, a...

How to Identify and Treat Patients With Substance Use Disorders

When Michael McGrath, MD, medical director of the Ohana Luxury Alcohol Rehab on the Big Island of...

Women Face Some Differences in Care After Severe Trauma, Study Finds

After serious injury, women may fare worse than men by some measures, a new study suggests. ...

How One Physician Managed to Retire at Age 43

Leif Dahleen, MD, didn't win the lottery or inherit millions of dollars. He worked as a hospital...

Should You Sell Your Practice to a Private Equity Firm?

More and more physicians are being wooed by private equity firms that want to buy their practices....

Anesthesiologists Working More Cases May Have Worse Outcomes

One anesthesiologist directing one or two overlapping surgical cases appears to be the optimal ratio for best...

Docs Gain Accrediting Option as NBPAS Gets Credentials Authority

When it comes to maintaining board certification, physicians will have a new avenue. ...

How Can Surgical Outcomes be Improved for Black Patients?

Black patients having surgery were over 40% more likely than White patients to be sent from the...

Violent Patient Throws Scalding Oil on MD; Other Patient Dangers

Ralph Newman, MD, got a taste of how dangerous medicine could be at age 10, when he...
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