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Please accept our gratitude

Please accept our gratitude

It’s been 20 years already! Show Hope was founded in my heart in 2000 when Shaoey came home through the miracle of adoption, but it would be 2003 when Shaohannah’s Hope would become official. And through the course of several years, Shaohannah’s Hope evolved into her name, Show Hope. When I have the time to really reflect back on this work, I can only say that I’m humbled. Show Hope is here today because there are so many people who love the mission. To care for orphans, engage the Church in adoption and reduce barriers. By people, I mean staff members—present and past—who have loved this work, families who have stepped into the gloriously hard journey of adoption, and donors and friends who have fanned the flame, given in abundance and stood with us in this important work. For this, I am forever grateful. “Thank you” falls short as we embark on this next 20-year journey. Steven and I truly appreciate the kindness you have shown us. 

Over the years, we have tried to hold onto and believe the verse from Proverbs 16:3, “Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established.” In the next 20 years of this amazing work, we will be…

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