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Gifts in Adoption Fundraising

Gifts in Adoption Fundraising

It is difficult to pay for adoption.

From taking on a second job to hosting countless bake sales to sharing your story on social media until your fingers ache … It can seem like the fundraising for adoption is never-ending.

What if (just for a minute) we turned the script around and searched for gifts in the middle of it?

Two examples are given below.

When adoption fundraising—

  1. We discover the power and depth of human kindness as well as the amazing ways God works with His people. Some of the most remarkable stories of God’s provision come from the adoption community.
  2. we reach a point that requires us to surrender control, trust God’s provision, and step out in faith even when the path ahead seems uncertain. This season will strengthen our relationship to God if you let it.

Does this make fundraising for adoption easier? No; it’s still challenging.

Can we get these gifts on other terms? Maybe. But for now—

Adoption fundraising is the tool God is using—not only to bring children into loving families, but also to transform the hearts of those who take the journey.

David and Greta brought their daughter back from Korea with their children.

Here’s what David…

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